The World's Only Land Conservation Project Dedicated to the Preservation

of Mothers and their Families


The Mother+Land Project

P.O. Box 223

Langley, WA  98260


Disclaimer:  The Mother+Land Project does not exclude application for free land to persons who are without a mother or a family.  Everyone is welcome to apply.

Land Recipients agree to abide by The Mother+Land Project Bylaws which are founded in regenerative living practices and a reverence for all of life.

Land Recipients will receive one year of sustainable living, building and development education, free of charge.

Land Recipients will receive full title to their awarded land after a period of three years and successful establishment of their sustainable home site according to The Mother+Land Project Bylaws.

These Bylaws are currently in development, and may be changed at any time, without notice.  We welcome your suggestions, comments and questions.


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